Performance of UniversalStepdown v0.2 5V version

This page provides evaluation of RB0005 – UniversalStepdown shown in the photo below:

You can use the step-down regulator with input voltage up to 18 V. Without an active cooling the step-down is able to deliver 3 A continuously on the output. The step-down shows a voltage drop on the output when it is loaded with 4 A continuously. This is probably caused by a high die temperature inside the driver IC which leads to a shift in the internal voltage reference. Once you introduce extra cooling, it can deliver over 4 A continuously. We do not recommend to source more than 4 A continuously as higher currents trigger the internal over-temperature protection leading to a regulator shut-down.

The ripple on the output is less than 100 mV peak-to-peak in the worst case. In loads less than 2 A the output ripple is less than 50 mV.

The voltage drop on the step-down is 420 mV under 100 mA load. When the load increases to 4 A the drop increases to 900 mV.

You can examine our test setup in the bottom of the page.

RB0005 – UniversalStepdown properties

The following tables provides raw data from testing the step-down converter. Please note that the oscilloscope screenshots can differ in voltage per division.

The chip and coil temperature was measured by a K-type thermocoupler after 5 minutes of operation for a 1 minute. In one of the cases the temperature did not rise, therefore, the measurement should reflect conditions during continuous operation.

Parameters for input voltage 14.0 V

Load Output voltage Output ripple Input current Temperature chip, coil Output voltage waveform
0.1 A 5.04 V 80 mV 0.04 A 22 °C, 22°C waveform
0.5 A 5.03 V 60 mV 0.2 A 23 °C, 23°C waveform
1 A 5.03 V 70 mV 0.38 A 25 °C, 27°C waveform
2 A 5.02 V 100 mV 0.76 A 33 °C, 40°C waveform
3 A 5.01 V 120 mV 1.17 A 37 °C, 46°C waveform
4 A 4.99 V 90 mV 1.61 A 53 °C, 70°C waveform

Parameters for input voltage 8.4 V

Load Output voltage Output ripple Input current Temperature chip, coil Output voltage waveform
0.1 A 5.04 V 60 mV 0.07 A 22 °C, 22°C waveform
0.5 A 5.03 V 70 mV 0.31 A 23 °C, 22°C waveform
1 A 5.03 V 100 mV 0.62 A 23 °C, 23°C waveform
2 A 5.04 V 120 mV 1.26 A 28 °C, 32°C waveform
3 A 5.04 V 130 mV 1.92 A 30 °C, 37°C waveform
4 A 5.05 V 150 mV 2.65 A 40 °C, 49°C waveform


Measurement setup

The measurements above were taken in an ambient temperature 24°C using the following equipment: